Get the Death Dealer out of Ft. Cavasos

Petition to Replace Death Dealer Statues with Statues of St. Michael the Archangel at Ft. Cavasos

We, the undersigned, call upon Lieutenant General Sean Cardona Bernabe, Commanding General of III Armored Corps, to initiate the replacement of the Death Dealer statues at Ft. Cavasos with statues depicting St. Michael the Archangel.

The current statues of the Death Dealer, representing a figure devoid of honor, virtue, and morality, do not align with the values and ethos we uphold within the military community. The Death Dealer symbolizes indiscriminate killing, devoid of honor, character, or basic morality.

Since the installation of the Death Dealer statues, Ft. Cavasos has experienced a disturbing pattern of violent sexual crimes, suicides, and tragedies, including the Nidal Hasan shooting, the Ivan Lopez shooting and suicide, the Gregory McQueen prostitution ring, and the heartbreaking sexual harassment and murder/suicide of Vanessa Guillen. Among hundreds of other violent sexual crimes, suicides and murders at Ft. Cavasos these incidents reflect a climate that contradicts the values of respect, integrity, and honor that our military stands for.

St. Michael the Archangel, on the other hand, embodies values of righteousness, protection, and justice. He is revered by people of various faiths, including Jews, Muslims, Protestants, and Catholics, making him a universally respected and non-political figure. His representation would foster a more positive and inclusive environment at Ft. Cavasos, symbolizing protection, moral integrity, and fairness, free from any particular ideology or agenda.

To lead our military and our country toward the righteous path, we propose replacing the Death Dealer statues with full sized bronze statues of St. Michael. Specifically:

Remove, melt down, grind up and bury the Death Dealer, statues.

Exercise and consecrate the base to Saint Michael

Replace with statues with statues of St. Michael

Ask the local bishop to consecrate and bless the new statues

Replacing the Death Dealer statues with depictions of St. Michael the Archangel would not only be a more fitting representation of the values we stand for but also serve as a unifying symbol within our diverse military community. St. Michael stands as a beacon of courage, righteousness, and protection, offering a meaningful and universally respected figure for all service members and civilians alike.

By making this change, we aim to cultivate an environment at Ft. Cavasos that upholds the principles of integrity, honor, and respect, fostering a culture of inclusivity and dignity.

We urge Lieutenant General Sean Cardona Bernabe to consider this proposal seriously and take the necessary steps to replace the Death Dealer statues with statues of St. Michael the Archangel, aligning our base's symbolism with the values we proudly uphold.

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