Get the Death Dealer out of Ft. Cavasos

Get the Death Dealer out of Ft. Cavasos

Fighting Paganism in the US Military

By Shanti Guy and Joe Alger

My latest comic book St. Michael Defend Us in Battle, is about the St. Michael Apparition on Mt. Gargano. My research on the Apparition revealed that it related to paganism in the Roman military and the fall of Rome. In the process of researching the general topic of paganism in the military; I discovered some disturbing realities about our own military. I have collaborated with my friend Joe Alger on the following article about all of the issues going on and we have started an official movement to stop the adoption of pagan concepts by the US military. More on that later.

Historically tribes, countries and empires have prayed for victory in battle. The problem is, sometimes they are praying to demons instead of God i.e. Jupiter, Thor, etc... There is a lot of historical evidence to support God intervening in war on the side of those faithful to him. For example, God handed the Roman Empire to Constantine when Constantine obeyed God's suggestion to fight under the Chiro. God sent St. Michael to defend a faithful Catholic Marine in the Korean War in 1950. The US Military is on a slippery slope of allowing, accommodating and adopting occult pagan ideas, imagery and practices. If Constantine’s act of faith, won him favor with God, what the US Military is doing will only result in a catastrophe.

The most glaring example of the US Military mocking God with pagan ideas is III Corps adoption of The Death Dealer as their mascot and more specifically the installation of 3 6ft 6in bronze statues of the Death Dealer at Ft. Hood/Cavasos.

The apparition of St. Michael at Mt. Gargano

The Apple ration of Saint Michael at mount GarganoThroughout history God has occasionally favored one army over another in war. Shortly after the time of the Crucifixion, the Christian Fatih along with several pagan cults grew in the Roman Empire. One of these was the Cult of Mithras. Mithraism was an exclusive group that prevalent in the Roman military and politics. It had strange rituals that included the killing of a bull done in deep in their underground temples. There have been at least 680 of these temples discovered in the city of Rome alone. Constantine converted to Christianity and in 313, legalized the practice of Christianity with the Edict of  Milan and helped The Catholic Church flourish. In Italy in the late 5th century, Christians and Worshipers of Mithras began to clash. At the end of the 5th Century, the Roman Empire was over extended in wars and decaying from the inside out. The Roman Empire’s ruling class fell to the Foderati around 476. Odoacer, the leader of the Foderati, was an Arian Christian and became the new Emperor. While Arianism is a heretical view of Christianity, under Odoacer’s rule, the Catholic Church only prospered under his rule.

Sculpture of Mithratic ritualAround 490 on Mount Gargano in Italy, a wealthy rancher’s bull wondered into an abandoned Mithras temple cave. The rancher attempted to remove the bull but the bull would not leave the cave. So, the rancher shot an arrow at the bull. The arrow flew into the cave, turned around and shot the rancher. Then a booming voice declared that there would be no more killing of bulls in the cave. The rancher visited the local Bishop to ask what to do about this strange occurrence. The Bishop advised 3 days of fasting. At the end of the fast, the Bishop visited the cave. St. Michael appeared to him at the mouth of the cave and expressed that the cave was sacred to him and asked the Bishop to consecrate it to the Catholic Religion. Unsure about what to do, the Bishop fasted for three more days to discern the apparition. The Bishop hesitated on consecration of the cave. Eventually a rouge pagan army was raiding the near by town of Siponto and was headed for Mt. Gargano. Again, St. Michael appeared to the Bishop and told him the local army would prevail against the invading pagans. This encouragement helped the local army defeat the invading pagans. During the battle, there were lightening storms and earthquakes that are attributed to St. Michael. The Bishop was filled with remorse for not immediately consecrating the cave as he had been instructed by St. Michael. So he arranged a grand procession to the cave to do just that. When the procession arrived, St. Michael appeared and told them he had consecrated the cave and invited the Bishop and his people in. When they entered they found an altar erected with a Crucifix.

Historical records show that by the end of the 5th Century, Mithraism as an active cult, seems to have completely vanished from the entire Roman Empire. This apparition of Saint Michael tells us that St. Michael will use his power to protect faithful Christians but that he has no mercy for the return of pagans or their trappings in any form.

God used the Roman Empire to allow Christianity to grow. However, when some of the Roman citizens continued their pagan religions; He eventually granted victory in battle and governorship of the Roman Empire to the outsider, barbarian and Christian - Odoacer. He also sent St. Michael to defend the citizens of Mt. Gargano against their invaders.

Paganism in the United States Military

Dog tag of paganThe US Military has evolved from acceptance to accommodation to adoption of anti-Christian principals. The military has always allowed people of any faith to serve. As the culture and population of the US has changed so has the Military. Paganism is cultural as much as it is religious. Historically pagan cultures have 3 major traits: they worship nature, sexual perversion and they sacrifice their own. Nature worship is always devil worship. In our culture there is a religious zeal behind environmentalism which is definitely nature worship. All this Woke rainbow stuff is sexual perversion and abortion is nothing more than human sacrifice of the most innocent and vulnerable. This has lead to accommodating anything anyone calls a “faith.” This accommodation has metastasized into adoption of the pagan ethos.

Tombstone of WiccanAcceptance of anti-Christian faiths in the US Military is not a new. It is the official policy of the US Military to allow any religious belief among its members no matter their rank or status. In 1962, just as the Vatican II council was concocting its new order for The Church, a young officer, Michael A. Aquino began his military service in Vietnam, rising from platoon leader to troop commander. In 1968, Aquino became a Research and Analysis team leader at 7th PSYOP (Psychological warfare) Group in San Francisco. A year later Aquino became a Satanic priest while working in weaponized psychological operations that involved the study of propaganda, psychological warfare, and the manipulation of information to influence target  audiences, both foreign and domestic.

Michael, a Aquino, satanic priest and lieutenant, colonel in the United States ArmyIn 1975, while still in the military, Aquino left the Church of Satan and very publicly founded The Temple of Set. Aquino remarked that Set or Setan was the true name of Satan. The Temple of Set is associated with Set, an ancient Egyptian deity associated with chaos, darkness, and individualism. The Temple of Set is a form of theistic Satanism. In the 1980’s Aquino was implicated in the Presido child abuse case and the Franklin scandal. Both of these events involved ritual Satanic abuse of children. He retired honorably from the US Military in 2006.

Like other Occultists in the US Military, his beliefs were not questioned but he was given immense power in a uniquely influential field.

The Military’s accommodation of anti-Christian “faiths” is helping these deformed ways of thinking, grow inside of our armed forces and we are paying for it. In 2011, the United States Air Force Academy dedicated an $80,000 "outdoor worship center" for "Earth-based religions" such as paganism, druids, wiccan and of course Satanism. Do you recall being asked if you wanted your tax dollars spent on that? Me either. Wicca, Satanism and other pagan religions have been estimated to have around 20,000 members in the US Military. Theses anti-Christian “faiths” are recognized and accommodated within the United States military to ensure religious freedom. Specifically:

1. Chaplain Support: The U.S. military employs chaplains from various religious backgrounds, including those knowledgeable about Satanism, Wicca and Paganism. These chaplains provide support, counseling, and religious services to Pagan service members, ensuring that their spiritual needs are met.

2. Religious Services: Satanic, Wiccan and Pagan service members may have access to religious services, rituals, and gatherings conducted by chaplains or Pagan leaders within the military community. These services can include Full Moon or Sabbat celebrations, guided meditations, and other Pagan practices.

3. Ritual Items: The military may allow Pagan service members to possess and use ritual items, such as athames (ritual daggers), candles, and incense, as long as they do not pose a security or safety risk. Service members are generally permitted to use these items during religious ceremonies and observances.

4. Religious Accommodations: The military has made efforts to accommodate Pagan service members in terms of dietary requirements, holy days, and religious attire, where applicable. This ensures that their religious practices and beliefs are respected.

5. Education and Awareness: The military provides education and training to its members to promote understanding and respect for religious diversity. This helps foster a more inclusive and respectful environment for Pagan service members and others with diverse beliefs.

6. Privacy and Safety: The military takes steps to ensure the privacy and safety of service members practicing minority religions, including Wicca and Paganism. They aim to protect service members from discrimination and harassment based on their religious beliefs.

Religious freedom and spending tax dollars on safe zones fore devil worshipers is one thing. Adopting immoral, unethical satanic ideals is another. III Corps stationed at Ft. Cavasos (AKA Ft. Hood) in  Texas is a glaring example of this offense.

In 1985, The US Army’s III Corps stationed at Fort Hood, was a key player in several international military endeavors. The III Core commander at the time LTG Crosby Saint selected the pop culture icon “The Death Dealer” as the mascot for III Corps. He said it conveyed the mobility, strength and lethality of III Corps. On September 2008, 3, 6 foot 6 inch tall bronze statues of the Death Dealer were installed at Fort Hood.

Death dealer, comicThe Death Dealer was conceived as a painting in 1973 by artist Frank Frazetta. When III Corps  officially adopted it as there mascot, the concept of the Death Dealer was also being spread throughout American Pop Culture in the form of merchandise, novels, D&D board games and a comic book series. The premise of the Death Dealer comic is that the protagonist (Death Dealer) with his glowing red eyes is possessed by an invisible being that guides him around Dealing Death in extremely gory and bloody  murder scenes featuring full frontal nudity, witches, witch craft and gratuitous sex.

The Death Dealer series was published by Verotik Comics company, founded by Glenn Anzalone who goes publicly by the name Glen Danzig. The name Verotik is a portmanteau created by Anzalone from the words "violent" and “erotic.” Anzalone is known for starting the horror metal bands The Misfits, Samhain and Danzig. The lyrics from those bands are ultra violent, pornographic and have themes rooted in paganism and the occult. Anzalone’s other comic books were adapted to pornographic and horror films. In 1996 Michael Kennedy and John Hunter owners of Planet Comics were both charged with and pleaded guilty to “trafficking in obscene materials to children.” These charges were the result of Kennedy and Hunter’s distribution of various Verotik  comics including The Death Dealer.

Using the Death Dealer as a mascot is telling the troops that murder is not only acceptable but admirable. It is saying that associating horrific violence with sex is exciting and encouraged. This might makes right philosophy is the active development of hate, anger and lust in the hearts of our troops. War is a vulnerable event for the soul. Real fear, guilt and several types of mental, physical and emotional trauma occur during war. We should be asking our military personnel to identify with virtue, morality and a holy death for them and the enemy.

The Death Dealer statue at Dort Cavazos/Fort HoodShortly after the installation of the Death Dealer statues at Ft. Hood; the base has been plagued by a rash of murders, sexual crimes and suicides. Fort Hood has recently been called the Deadliest US Military Base by reporters investigating the uncharacteristically high rate of violent crimes that occur at Ft. Hood.

Early 2009. Among the hundreds of murders, rapes and suicides that have occurred on the base; one of the most notable is the mass shooting committed by Nidal Hasan a few months after the installation of the Death Dealer statues. Nidal Hasan, an Army Major and psychiatrist, fatally shot 13 people and injured more Nidal Hassenthan 30 others in the deadliest mass shooting on an American military base. The massacre started when Hasan, armed with a semi-automatic pistol, shouted ‘Allah Akar’ (Arabic for God is Great) and then opened fire at a crowd inside a Fort Hood processing center. Hasan was shot by police and later sentenced to death.

2014. Army Specialist Ivan Lopez killed three soldiers and wounded 16 other military personnel. Lopez then turned the gun on himself. Also in 2014 at Fort Hood, a prostitution ring organized by Sergeant 1st Class Gregory McQueen was uncovered. McQueen was part of the United States Army Sexual Harassment and Assault Response/Prevention Unit at Fort Hood. McQueen would recruit subordinate female soldiers. He then reportedly planned ‘sex parties’ for high-ranking officers at Fort Hood. McQueen pleaded guilty to 15 of 21 charges against him and was sentenced to two years in prison. He was also dishonorably discharged from the Army.

2020  Sgt. Elder Fernandes, filed a sexual harassment claim stating that he was grabbed on the buttocks. Officials dismissed the claim. He went missing that August and was later found hung in a tree just outside the base. Also in 2020, along with thousands of other women at Ft.  Hood, Spc Vanessa Guillen had complained of several instances of sexual harassment. She was eventually bludgeoned to death Vanessa Guillianwith a hammer in the small arms room by Spc. Aaron David Robinson. After killing her, Robinson put Guillén in a “tough box” and took her off base. Robinson and his girl friend dismembered Guillén, burned her body and buried it in three different cement graves along the Leon river. When police approached Robinson, he shot himself to death. When Venessa Guillen’s younger sister Lupe visited Ft. Hood. She said  “I felt a bad vibe there.” On her visit a rosary she had been carrying in the palm of her hand, broke apart and its beads scattered over the ground.

God gave the Roman Empire the chance to be Christian. Several good men and women of that time took up that challenge to spread the Gospel and build The Church. Ultimately the Roman Empire accepted, accommodated and adopted pagan religious practices in their society and their military. So God handed their power over to a barbarian from outside of their country and empire who was a Christian.

Odoaccer taking control of RomeGod gave The Roman Empire about 500 years after  the Crucifixion to turn away from the devils they worshiped. They never fully did it. Then power was turned over to an outsider. St. Michael brought the message of ‘,No more paganism.’ In the battle near Mt. Gargano, God had St. Michael, protect His people and destroy the pagan army. The US Military is at a cross roads. They can be the Pagan army or they can repent and defend what is right, true and good.


To lead our military and our country toward the righteous path, we propose replacing the Death Dealer statues with full sized bronze statues of St. Michael. Specifically:

• Remove, grind up, burn and bury the phantom warrior, death dealer, statue.

• Exercise and consecrate the base to Saint Michael

• Replace with statues of St. Michael

. Ask the local bishop to consecrate and bless the new statue

Why St. Michael? St. Michael is recognized and respected by Catholics, Christian Protestants, Jews and Muslims. He is not a man so there will be no political issues that the Woke factions of the military will be able to complain about. Also, he did defend the US during the Korean war. In addition to that, he was noted to have assisted Cortez’s Army in Mexico fighting the Aztecs.

To get the ball rolling, we have published a web page with a petition and more info about the project at Ft. Hood. Please encourage your friends and family, especially those in the military, to sign the petition.

Please sign our petition

God is still with us but like so many generations before, ours has turned away from Him in the name of trusting the system. In the name of going along to get along. In the name of choosing comfort in place of doing what is right. Help us fight this evil.

Shanti Guy is the Creative Director for Motherboards and writes and illustrates comic books about real life apparitions of St. Michael.

Joe Alger is retired Army Veteran and a Director of Military Outreach for the Free to Chaplain Offer.

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